Modular Homes are built with the same materials and to the same building codes and architectural specifications

as traditional construction. Once assembled, they are virtually indistinguishable from their site-built counterparts.  

The Benefits of Controlled Construction

Anyone who has ever worked on a building project knows just how long it can take for the skeleton of the building to actually appear on the site. Unexpected material shortages, issues with plans and, of course, inclement weather can all bring long, inconvenient delays. Modular home factories, however, offer controlled environments that protect your building materials from nature's elements and, ultimately, unexpected delays.

Our state-of-the-art factory is designed specifically to make the construction of your modulart home's different elements as efficient as possible. In fact, the factory construction time is as short as seven days, with the full installation and associated works, such as plumbing and electrical installation, completed within three months. That gives you a new home, ready to live in, in less time than it can take for conventional builders to finish the walls.

Safer Construction

The indoor construction environment reduces the risks of accidents and related liabilities for workers.  In addition to time delays, with traditional homebuilding your property becomes a major construction area, leading to long periods of disruption and work. You also run the risk of damaging your surrounding landscaping. By contrast, modular home builders do as much of the construction work as possible off-site.

10 Ways You Can Build Green with Us

Building your own home is one of life’s great experiences - a true reflection of your taste and personality. Now, we can help you build "green," far healthier for your family, your budget, your neighborhood and the planet.

1. Building "green" begins with your approach - conventional stick-built or state-of-the-art modular. With modular building, your home is custom designed using advanced computer-aided design, then constructed in a precision, climate-controlled factory. On "day one" at your building site, your home is 80% complete, dramatically reducing the impact on the environment at your site. Conventional stick-built homes, by comparison, will interrupt the ecosystem for an average of 180 days.

2. Because your home is built in a closed indoor environment, lumber and other materials never get wet eliminating mold and mildew problems. This creates a healthy living condition and clean non-toxic air in your home for your family to breathe.

3. Similarly, building materials are not wasted on site due to faulty workmanship or the inability to accurately measure the exact needs of a project. At Westchester Modular,materials are purchased according to the lengths required for construction. In addition, the use of finger jointed lumber not only conserves natural resources, it also creates straighter and stronger walls.

4. Recycling is a also a major part of Westchester Modular Homes Green Initiative. Drywall scraps are shipped to mills where it is recycled into lime for farming. Cardboard, electrical wire, plywood and other materials are sorted and recycled.

5. Energy Efficiency is another component of Westchester Modular’s Building Green Program. R-19 wall insulation and R-38 ceiling insulation are the start of a highly energy efficient home. Other standard features such as, Andersen 400 Series Low E glass windows filled with argon gas, greatly reduce your energy consumption. In turn, the amount of carbons released into our environment is greatly reduced.

westchester modular's building green programwestchester modular energy star partner

6. Westchester Modular Homes is an Energy Star® Partner, and can provide you with an optional Energy Star Certified home. This means your home will be inspected to ensure that it meets or exceeds the Energy Star Standards for energy efficiency. Some examples are: Insulation is inspected, potential areas for air infiltration are caulked and sealed, and plumbing pipes are protected from the elements.

7. Westchester Modular Homes extends Green Building right into the structure of our own manufacturing facility. Recently, all our light fixtures were changed to highly energy efficient fluorescent lights. By making this change, we reduced our Energy Consumption and the amounts of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides that are released into the air. By removing these pollutants, Westchester’s initiative has the same effect as planting 27 trees, removing 18 cars from the road and saving 11,255 gallons of gas each year.

8. Water, another valuable resource, is also on our Green Agenda. Westchester Modular Homes now offers its customers the option to select water-saving faucets, shower heads and commodes which greatly reduce the amount of water consumption in your home on a daily basis without reducing your quality of life.

9. By nature, modular homes are among the best engineered and sturdiest homes built. As a result, they’re extremely quiet to live in - again, lessening their environmental impact. Tight, precise construction keeps your family, warm and away from harmful toxins in the air.

10. You can elect to build an even "Greener" home if you opt to have your home LEED Certified. Westchester Modular Homes and our Independent Builder will work together to provide you with a LEED Certified home at the level of your choice.

So let’s get started on custom designing a  Home for you today with over 60 designs to choose from. We can also take your plans and truly individualize your home. Either way, your new home will be backed by Westchester Modular's 10-year warranty. And you’ll be living more green... from day one.


The factory-controlled process generates less waste, creates fewer site disturbances and allows for tighter construction.

Less Site Disturbance

On-site traffic is greatly minimized from workers, equipment and suppliers.

Greater Flexibility and Reuse

Modular buildings can be disassembled and the modules relocated or refurbished for new use, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing the amount of energy expended to create a building to meet the new need.

Less Material Waste

When building in a factory, waste is eliminated by recycling materials, controlling inventory and protecting building materials.

Improved Air Quality

Because the modular structure is substantially completed in a factory-controlled setting using dry materials, the potential for high levels of moisture being trapped in the new construction is eliminated.

We can build homes that utilize solar and wind energy, making productive use of naturally occurring power sources and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. This capability helps conserve our precious natural resources and ensure a cleaner world for future generations.

If you’re interested in availing yourself of this technology, a green modular home is a great choice. Green modular homes offer homebuyers multiple advantages, mainly the opportunity to take advantage of modern building materials that can help you save on utility bills.

Westchester Modular Homes are modular green home builders who specialize in constructing units that emphasize energy efficiency. Together, we offer a wide range of build options that are sure to match your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Building a tight home envelope is a great way to ensure your home optimizes its energy usage. Key components of a home envelope include your windows, doors, and siding. These barriers regulate heat flow and inform your heating/cooling system as to how much power is needed to maintain a given temperature.

When you build a green modular home, you’re can select equipment that reduces energy leakage and lightens the load placed on your utility power. Double-pane windows, insulated entry doors, and blow-in insulation are elements that can help improve the efficiency of your home’s energy usage and net you cost savings on your electric and heating bills.

Standard Features

Our Homes Comply with State and Local Building Codes,  and include an impressive list of standard features.

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Energy Efficiency

Our homes are energy star qualified. 

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Custom Options

We can build it just the way you want it. - from Modest to Mansion. Call us today to get started!

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